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Are you looking to start a blockchain project or application? From the ideation process to full product development, our in-house team has specialized experience in building secure and reliable blockchain applications to get your project out of the lab and into production. We offer expert services in public, private and hybrid chain modes to develop solutions for IoT, AI, Contracts, Stock trading, Healthcare, Supply chains, Payments, and Insurance

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Rescue and Accelerate

Need a fresh perspective or technical help on an existing project? Deepchains can help refine and streamline the processes central to your existing project, providing a bigger runway for take-off. Our expert team offers help with the technical and business components ensuring maximum project life cycle and scalability for future growth.

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Need to get up to speed with blockchains or wondering how to leverage the technology? Deepchains offers a complete education portfolio tailored for teams of employees and executives alike. We provide modules for all levels of training, from use-cases tailored to specific industries to hands-on technical training for developers and IT groups. Our workshops blend theory and lab time to emphasize technology foundations and key trends throughout the blockchain landscape.

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Decentralized Appications


Applications developed using Blockchain technology have no central point of authority or failure. All nodes on the network are equal operators and maintain trust through the consensus model. Unless all nodes validate a transaction, it does not get added to the Blockchain.

Transparent Processes


Each node maintains an encrypted copy of all transactions on the Blockchain network, providing unmatched ladger gives all nodes updates on factual transactions in real time, nakeing all date on Blockchain, easily auditable and veriable.

Immutable Data


One of the key features of Blockchain technology is its immutability. Once a transaction is added to a Block, the data there cannot be manipulated or removed. The Block becomes a permanent recored over which other new Blocks are generated, each tied to the previous Block before it.

Permission Based Distributed Ledger


Permission to view or modify information on Blockchain is grante based on access levels, using cryptographic private / public keys. Each node can keep sensitive information private, while maintaining an open business ralationship with other nodes on the network.

  • Bespoke Chains

    Our partnerships with leading application platform providers enable us to create an agile foundation for intuitive integration of existing business processes on customized or existing blockchains. We build in custom solution layers and connect them to the most proven, tested, and secure application platforms available in the industry today.

  • Automation Tools

    Our multi-platform software stack facilitates full automation of inter-organization processes and databases regardless of your industry. In-depth business process analysis coupled with full-lifecycle solution development and horizontal prototyping affords our clients the benefit of a customized solution within a limited timeframe.

  • Smart Contracts

    Your core SLA’s and business partnerships are purpose-built to provide strategic leverage for your organization, without compromising your bottom line. By leveraging smart contract technology, our solutions remain adaptive and flexible, creating hardened business networks capable of evolving as they mature to support end-to-end IT processes and other key business operations.

  • Distributed Ledgers

    We design seamless, distributed applications that span and connect organizations with your services or industry ecosystem, synchronizing records across your supply chain. We link and reconcile your data, tracking digital assets across a secure and resilient architecture. The end result is the automation of your data-driven relationships, reducing friction between stakeholders.

  • Middleware

    A key success factor for blockchains in an enterprise architecture is middleware. We offers solutions for integration with existing blockchains and other systems in real time, using different technologies and communication protocols. Data discovery, event correlation, API management, security enforcement and governance are other middleware features built to leverage real-world blockchain projects.

   IBM Watson
   Angular 2 (4)
  Twitter Bootstrap
  GWT , Vaadin
   Ionic Framework 3
   Lightbend Fast Data Platform
  ORM - Squeryl, Querulous, ScalaQuery, Slick, MapperDao
  NoSQL - MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Redis, HyperTable, ElasticSearch, Membase
  RDBMS - MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle
   Graph - Neo4j
   Messaging - RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Kafka, Kestrel, ActiveMQ
   Search - Solr, Nutch
   Caching - Memcache, clojure.core.cache
  Google App Engine
   Amazon EC2
   Cloud Foundry

Knolway Process

Knolway is a Knoldus proprietary process to develop high-quality software. It has been built and perfected over the last decade over numerous assignments and engagements. Knolway strives to be the optimal combination of People, Process and Technology, thus leading to a way to develop software which succeeds. A software is successful when it is delivered within the price and schedule constraints with high quality, thereby delivering business value.

It is a combination of various Agile techniques and tries to draw inspiration from Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM, RUP etc.


Knolway Proces Steps

Step 1Fusion

A series of rapidly executing workshops to build the project vision and consensus amongst the internal and external stakeholders. With a common understanding of project goals established, client and Knoldus teams can then define and prioritize requirements, success factors, and create a roadmap based on key business and technical considerations. It drives clarity, accelerates delivery and helps achieve business goals.

Step 2 Architecture Release

This is the first release of the product in which 10-20% of the complex functionalities of the product are rapidly built. This is not a POC but a fully tested, production quality release. The technical design and the architecture are validated as a part of this release. Architectural significant stories are identified for implementation as a part of this release. The idea is to whet out the architectural alternatives and prove that the system being developed would work as per the SLAs.

Step 3 Development Releases

Once the architecture release is done, rest of the stories are built sprint on sprint leading to releases. Each release has got several sprints under it. Each release aims to put a significant functionality into the product. A release can either be software-in-production or an internal release for testing purposes only. Simultaneous and continuous integration with established systems ensures ongoing build and testing of components. This avoids a full integration phase at the end of the project, helping to reduce timeframes and costs.

Step 4 Mantain and Enhance

This phase consists of 2 kinds of activities. RTB (Run the business) and GTB (Grow the business). RTB maintains and manages the software in production. The maintenance could be SLA based or a certain number of developer hours each sprint. GTB would follow the lifecycle of Development Releases.

The Process Flow


On every project, we partner with our customers. We make a sincere commitment to work hand-in-hand to produce a success quality product.


We begin by listening carefully to our customers, understanding your technology challenges and business objectives, and aligning our resources toward the customers' needs.


We help our customers create a production and technology road map to lead to successful project. We map out the plan in two-week sprints.


Using Agile practices (Scrum and XP), we deliver powerful functionality and performance within short iterations using proven, lightweight processes and implementation, which keeps pace with the speed of your business. We nimbly navigate through the development cycle allowing for quick course changes and continually test / retest our work to ensure ultimate quality.


Before we start coding, we write tests to establish rules for how a program should function. Once coding, we run these tests help ensure that our software behaves effective and efficient.


We develop toward deploying your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to help launch your product in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. We would test the waters with you and then refine the product based on the market needs.

Engagement Mode

Deepchains offers flexible engagement models to suit the product needs. We believe in building a strong rapport with the partner thus resulting in a win-win situation which is in the best interest of the product. Some of our testimonials would reveal the way we work. We offer the following engagement models

Sprint based MVP development

In this model, we help you create and refine your product backlog and focus on a set of stories in each sprint. A sprint is usually two weeks in length. The idea behind this model is to work with you on the stories which would deliver the maximum value for the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and help you release to the market. We will design, implement, and support software for you. We would work with you from inception to the deployment and then grow the product with you.

Two Sprint Trial Model

This is a very comfortable model if you have not tried offshoring before or you would like to do a dry run on how the actual engagement would run. In this model, Deepchains would charge only half of the actual sprint cost for the first two sprints. If we mutually decide to go ahead, the balance amount for the first two sprints is added to the third sprint cost. This model helps you reduce your trial investment to half with Deepchains filling in the rest. After two sprints you would be able to judge whether Deepchains is the right partner for you. We are so confident about our capabilities and process that we would encourage you to try this model first.

Expertise Augmentation

This model is useful when you have a development team which needs expert level hand-holding to get up to speed. A Deepchains consultant would work with the team during Sprints and make sure that the team is getting trained. He would also be responsible for a successful delivery of the sprint and eventually the product. Our consultants have a great diversity of technical expertise, including distributed systems, NoSQL databases, machine learning, cloud hosting, continuous integration, among many others. You could augment your existing team with Deepchains consultants or use the technical expertise of Deepchains consultants for the required period of time.

Skin in the game

This is a model wherein Deepchains Angel invests in your product by picking a small stake in the product in lieu of discounted billing. This model is a win-win model which is very helpful for early-stage start-ups who are looking for getting their product to the market quickly and then raise money to grow the idea further. Together make sure that the budget and time constraints do not stop a high potential product from getting to the market.


Sprint based MVP development

Around 70% of our engagements follow this model.


Two Sprint Trial Model

Around 40% of our engagements start with this model and quickly get to the "Sprint based MVP development" model.


Expertise Augmentation

Around 20% of our engagements use this model


Skin in the game

Around 10% of our engagements use this model.

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